Maximus 6.15 Features

Maximus is an easy-to-use software suite offering the most comprehensive functionality available from any other integrated production modelling software.

For version 6.15, some of our new and improved features are:

- Maximus can now interact with Petro-SIM and vice versa via Petro-SIM’s hydraulic plug-in. This enhances the interface between hydrocarbon gathering network and process facility simulations.
– Users with Multiflash PVT standalone software installed on their computer can now launch it from within Maximus to perform fluid analysis and have their compositions automatically transferred back to Maximus.
– Gas lift optimisation module has been introduced to enable optimisation of gas lift in multiple wells throughout life of field simulation as well as snapshot studies
– New Open Interface commands have been introduced to enable building of a Maximus model via Open Interface instead of the GUI and also to further enhance the control of life-of-field simulations
– Batch run utility has been introduced to enable running a queue of simulations from Maximus’ graphical user interface (GUI)
– Corrosion modelling based on the Norsok M-506 standard has been introduced
– User defined scripting system now includes a  VB compiler as well as a C# scripting compiler.
– Maximus now distributes as standard as a 64-bit application to take advantage of the bigger addressable memory and enhanced results array storage. The 32-bit version is still available for users who are still running 32-bit operating system
– Inclusion of the latest LedaPM and OLGAS multiphase flow models which can be used in addition to the previous versions
– Improved numeric and multithreading to significantly speed up simulations

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