Flow Assurance

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Flow Assurance can be critical to upstream oil and gas projects and FEESA’s consultants & associates are recognised as amongst the best in the world. FEESA supports operators’ and contractors’ design teams with relevant and understandable flow assurance studies that greatly improve the work-flow of a project.  Because Maximus was built with consultancy in mind, it often takes a central role in our studies; however FEESA consultants can use a range of other tools, such as OLGA for transient simulations, Multiflash for PVT analysis, CFD or bespoke modelling. The range of tools at our disposal allows for fit for purpose solutions, tailored to the problems / time available and, therefore, to the clients’ needs.  Our consultants are highly qualified with the necessary project experience to enable them to take the most appropriate route to efficiently solve a Flow Assurance problem whilst integrating with, and supporting, a range of other engineering disciplines.

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Field Development Planning


FEESA-FDP is a niche, independent consultancy serving the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry. We work in close co-operation with our clients, who have included small, medium and large IOCs, other engineering consultancies and contractors, providers of specialist intelligence to the oil and gas industry and training companies.

Our goal is to assist them to achieve an optimum development plan for their hydrocarbon discoveries. Our specialists provide expertise in planning and execution services to support key stages of client’s decision making process.

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Benefits of Combining Flow Assurance and Field Development Planning


FEESA consultants have added great benefits to projects by carrying out combined Flow Assurance and Production Forecasting studies using Maximus.  On some projects we are working for the Forecasting group on the project, but in fact most of our Flow Assurance studies include a production profile forecasting element, even if we are not in the main production forecasting team on the project.  As discussed in the following document, such studies generally lead to better surface facilities solutions, be it the investigation of a hi-tech solution (subsea separation and compression) or proving the feasibility of a cheaper conventional solution by the removal of unnecessary design margins.  

FEESA has a team of consultants in Farnborough, UK and in Perth, Australia. Our consultants are able to offer on-site consultancy support, please contact us for more information about how we could help you with your project.

Expert Witness Studies

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FEESA also offer a robust expert witness team with top level trial experience. Our key consultants have 85 years of combined experience of fluid flow, engineering investigation, forensic engineering, design and software development in oil and gas flows and processes. This wealth of experience makes us ideally placed to provide thermal hydraulic expert witness services to the oil and gas industry. We have top level trial experience on behalf of BP in the Deepwater Horizon litigation where we acted as consulting and testifying expert witness in the quantification phase (publically available trial documents are can be found at http://www.mdl2179trialdocs.com/).

FEESA key consultants are: Dr Adrian Johnson (29 years’ experience), Dr Neil Hawkes (20 years’ experience), Dr Martin Watson (18 years’ experience) and Mr Justin Alexander (18 years’ experience). Dr Johnson has undergone significant training for both the deposition and trial testimony processes.

We work closely with lawyers and the client to provide a tailored investigative approach to their questions and uncertainties and have been highly commended by lawyers and clients for our responsiveness, thoroughness, technical insight and professionalism, in the consulting phases and the trial process. Quotes from clients and lawyers about our work include:

“One of the most impressive (testimonies) I have witnessed.”

“You did an absolutely terrific job and really made a difference… Your dedication and professionalism are truly appreciated.”

FEESA’s expertise is generally applied to the oil and gas industry, but the flow, thermal, process and investigative expertise could equally be applied to other areas, e.g. the water and nuclear industries.