About Us

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Founded in 2001, FEESA Limited is an employee owned engineering consultancy and software developer, specialising in flow assurance and field development planning in the upstream oil and gas industry. Our main focus is on improving the efficiency of projects in the conceptual design phase, when many development solutions and technical issues must be investigated by a small design team within tight deadlines.

To achieve this, FEESA has developed Maximus, a Flow Assurance and Integrated Production Modelling simulator that is designed to fit in with the work flow of engineering teams better than any other flow assurance simulator.  Maximus speeds up the interface between flow assurance and the other key engineering interfaces (such as subsurface, pipelines, corrosion and topsides engineering, etc) and in doing so improves the speed at which the whole engineering team works towards a technically sound and economically viable project. Using Maximus and/or our consultancy (which includes a range of other services), Operators, Consultancies and Contractors are finding never before seen efficiencies in their analysis of complex upstream oil and gas systems.  This has led to a steady growth in the uptake of Maximus throughout the industry.

Our management and Board have many years of experience, either within operating oil companies or with front-line service providers. This knowledge enables us to better understand the project’s and the client’s needs and keeps our software and consultancy services as best in class.

In July 2014, FEESA Limited was bought by KBC Advanced Technologies plc. Visit our website to find out more about the services we can offer.